Winning Chess Manoeuvres (Sarhan Guliev)

Winning Chess Manoeuvres

Strategic Ideas that Masters Never Fail to Find
by Sarhan Guliev
New In Chess

ISBN: 978-1-927179-55-0

US $16.99

When a chess master finds a winning strategic idea it is seldom by accident.

An amateur staring at a position on the chess board is often fumbling in the dark, his head spinning with a multitude of general rules and vague notions. The master’s approach is concrete. He knows how and where to look, because he has studied the games of other masters.

In this book, grandmaster Sarhan Guliev presents a wide range of strategic manoeuvres that have been repeatedly employed by great chess players. He shows how masters generate ideas from the games of other masters:
- positional sacrifices
- amazing counterplay concepts
- unorthodox exchanges
- winning with g2–g4 or h2-h4
- overcoming a blockade
- the advantages of double pawns
- the e5 pawn wedge
- the uses of the queen-bishop battery
- and much more.

Winning Chess Manoeuvres is brimming with interesting and instructive stories about the chess greats, and written in an accessible and entertaining style. After studying this book, ambitious chess players will find winning strategic manoeuvres more quickly and more often. They will not find them by accident or by relying on general principles, but because they have built up a large stockpile of highly practical ideas.

International Grandmaster and FIDE Senior Coach Sarhan Guliev has won the championship of Azerbaijan three times. He is a highly experienced chess teacher, coach and writer.

About the book

This book was previously published in 2015 under the same title by New In Chess, ISBN 978-90-5691-568-1. The original paperback has 238 pages. In the e+Books edition, you can play through all the material on the live board. Navigate the Contents by chapter. Games are indexed by player (White or Black).