Interactive electronic books from e+Books bring a new dimension to the electronic reading experience. e+Books produces enhanced eBooks and apps which offer a great reading experience and more.

e+Chess is a free app which allows you access to a range of top quality chess eBooks for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch in a unique interactive format. When you download e+Chess from the Apple iTunes store you will receive an introductory, free chess eBook, Chess Fundamentals (Capablanca).

This chess classic will give you the opportunity to appreciate the features available in e+Chess and the way in which it brings chess eBooks to life. The book and chess board are fully interactive on screen, and respond to intuitive touch screen commands. Touch a chess game, move, or diagram in the book and it appears on the playing board. Play through a game on the board and it is highlighted in the book. Check out the full range of e+Chess features and capabilities.

e+Books will be releasing new chess eBooks regularly from top authors and publishers, for chess players of all levels. Our range of current and new titles brings a new world of chess literature to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.